Meet Central Florida’s Premiere Adult Sports League


Who says your glory days have to be over? Who says you can’t get in the best shape of your life and have fun in the process? Life doesn’t end after school, so why should your chance at being an athlete? It’s time to break up with your couch and lace up your shoes. Fun, fitness, and friendship await you on the field.

Three (Of Many) Good Reasons To Join The 8COED Family:


Doctors recommend exercising daily for preventative healthcare. Consistent exercise can ward off a heart attack, depression, high blood pressure, and so much more. Finding the time to exercise can be challenging but having a premade schedule filled with fun activities makes it a lot easier. Nothing is more important than your health and becoming a member of the 8Coed Family is a great way to invest in it.


When you join the 8Coed Family, you don’t just get access to all of our sporting and social events, you get so much more. We are partnered with local businesses around Central Florida who will offer you deals and discounts on a number of goods and services.


Anyone who has ever been on a team knows that there is nothing quite like it when it comes to building lasting friendships with people you can trust. Let’s face it, making friends can be hard after school. Many of us are limited to meeting co-workers and friends of friends. At 8Coed Sports you will meet other like minded people in your area who are looking to have fun, be healthy, and be the best version of themselves.

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