Pricing & Insurance


Pricing is subject to change without noticed at the discretion of 8 Coed Sports.

Render full payment at time of registration.

Render 50% installment of registration cost (Individual/Team) with remainder due by Week 2 of Season (for every week after the balanced is not paid in full a $25.00 late fee will be applicable). Or have a valid credit card on file.

It is our goal to have all participants and teams play. Our new policy attempts to keep in mind the stress of being a team captain, people’s budgets and those whom budget their recreation dollars. We are committed to helping you any way we can, however the new payment policy is flexible enough that it can meet almost any need. Moving forward there will be no exceptions in regards to the policy. In addition, if the policy is not adhered to 8Coed reserves the right to remove you from the schedule at any time. As well as collect any accounts receivable beyond removal of game play.


Payment Due:

Online Credit/Debit Card payments for Player Registrations, Team Registrations, Substution Registrations and Annual Memberships are due at the time of registration process utilizing the online checkout process, in order to secure your spot in the league and be accounted for on the schedule. Teams that choose to pay late without the late fee will forfeit their playoffs games. All captains with multiple teams must pay all team balances to move forward. In other words any unpaid balance will affect all teams.

Paid Annual Memberships:

Annual Memberships entitle members to received reduced pricing for all league registrations, events and socials as well as other premium upgrades and considerations.

Accepted Methods of Payment:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal, as well as Personal and Business Checks *.

*Registrations paid for by Personal or Business checks must ensure that their checks are posted by the start of the season. Any registration not fully paid for any reason by the second week of the prospective season is subject to a $25.00 late fee. Any registration who is not paid in full before the third game will be removed from the schedule immediately. If full payment is rendered after then other fees are added $75.00 fee and a $15.00 administrative fee, any fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstance. Teams will miss games if not paid in full.

Refunds – issued only 2 weeks before start date.

Forfeit – If a team cannot make a game there is a $30 forfeit fee.

No Call / No Show – Failing to notify us and or to show up $60 is needed immediately to remain active.


  • All participants are required to have their own insurance (Health & Medical). 8Coed Sports does not provide insurance for participants. The only insurance provided by 8Coed is the required insurance for the contracts to utilized and rent the playing facilities.
  • All participants are required to fill out a Roster/Waiver before they step onto any playing field or surface. If this is not done, 8Coed reserves the right to remove the player from the premises.